Fully managed rent free vending solutions in Leeds, West Yorkshire

We are specialist providers of fully managed rent free vending solutions in Leeds - no costs! we install, service and maintain the vending machine for you for free!

So how does rent free vending work?

Why does this work for us? In a nutshell, the money generated from sales is our income. As a company you will be providing your employees with a convenient source of food and drink products throughout their working day for free - think of it as an on-site canteen that is run and managed by a third party. You have no overheads, no micro managing of the service, and no equipment or servicing costs - just happy employees!

  • We provide the vending machine free of charge, no rental costs!

  • All servicing and maintenance of the machine is free

  • We'll make sure your machine is stocked with a range of great products your employees want

  • No long term contracts

  • We carry a great selection of products for your machine

  • Keep your employees happy with the convenience of an on-site vending machine

Is a fully managed vending solution right for you?

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87% of employees say they appreciate the ability to buy food, snacks, chilled drinks and hot beverages in their place of work

Which vending machine is right for you?

Table Top Machines

Table top vending machines are solely for the purpose of dispensing hot beverages like tea, coffee and hot chocolate

  • Table top vendors don't require much space, perfect for smaller offices

  • Wide range of hot beverages available at the touch of a button

  • Machines can be setup to require payment or vend free of charge

Table top

Take a look at our range of table top vending machines to rent or buy

Table top vending machines

Free Standing Machines

Free standing vending machines can serve hot and cold drinks, snacks or chilled food like sandwiches and pasta dishes

  • Whether it's hot beverages or chilled drinks, these machines can do it all

  • Confectionary or fresh food, there's a machine for every purpose

  • We can maintain and service your machine for trouble free operation

Free standing

Take a look at our range of free standing vending machines to rent or buy

Free standing vending machines
Unsure which machine is right for you?

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