CMS Shopper 2 fresh food vending machine available in Leeds

The Shopper 2 has been designed to meet the varying needs of a 24 hour refreshment service for consumers in Leeds, West Yorkshire

CMS Shopper 2 fresh food vending machine

Products are stocked into individual compartments on 9 rotating shelves. Trays can be easily configured to hold a selection of plated main meals to small snack items, maximising the available space and offering customers in Leeds and throughout West Yorkshire a wide choice of products.

The Shopper 2 also features solutions to help reduce your carbon footprint! The latest energy saving software reduces energy consumption - in energy saving mode the Shopper 2 uses 13% less energy than in idle mode. Vend door heaters can also be switched off when ambient humidity and temperature conditions permit.

DarenthMJS Vogue in cup vending machine

Vending machine key features

  • CMS Shopper 2 refrigerated fresh food vending machine
  • CMS Shopper 2 fresh food vending machine

Product Specifications

For further information about the CMS Shopper 2 fresh food vending machine, or any of our products and services, please call us on 0800 772 0448 or...
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